A wine label to end awkward conversations forever

How better to overcome an awkward situation with a bottle of wine? Pour it, sip it, comment on its ripe fruit flavour notes. But a bottle of wine can only go so far to alleviate an awkward conversation-starved situation.

Our mission was to create a
bottle of wine that could be the
conversation starter at any table
and any occasion

It was a bit like a fortune cookie,
but the cookie was a delicious
bottle of Warwick Wine.

Included on every label was a perforated strip. Tearing the strip and reading its reverse revealed a conversation topic that would fuel a fruitful debate. Awkward Silence - a limited edition of wines with a built in party trick to get everyone talking.

How much of a burger can you change before it becomes a sandwich?

If you could choose to time travel only once and had to stay there, when would you go to?

If you could enter the dreams of one world-famous person, who would that person be?

Virtual reality is coming. What happens if life inside is better than the outside?

Would you rather be the hero that dies bravely or the insignificant extra who lives?

What animal would be the most terrifying if it learned to fly?