A World Record Braai

As the country’s most South African beer, Castle Lager is determined to own our most South African pastime: braaing.
We set out to own National Braai Day with a challenging invite
that would ensure a World Record attendance at “officially the
world’s biggest braai”.

As an invitation to our Guinness record attempt, we produced a book of matches that only contained one match.
This matchbook was handed out at pubs, bars and traffic lights to promote our attempt on the world record. The matchbook provided our consumers with everything they needed to know about the upcoming events: where to buy your ticket and where it was taking place. Perhaps most importantly, it gave them an opportunity to test their braai skills by lighting the braai with just the one match.

Guinness World Record Holder

Over 6500 people attended 5 National Braai Day events held in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban,
Pretoria and King Williams Town. A total of 6000kg Charka
Briketts were lit in 420 barrel-braais and we cooked
500kg of Kameelhout boerewors! By the end of the
day, 2353 people braaied at the same time - a new
Guinness World Record.

Castle Lager can now safely say they own the braai occasion as well as a
Guinness World Record!