Saving our forests
one braai at a time

A highly crafted conservation message that gave beer drinkers the opportunity to consider the braai wood they use every time they bought a case of beer.

As South Africa’s most patriotic beer, Castle Lager is dedicated to all things local. So when the country’s indigenous plant life is being threatened by invasive alien plants, Castle is the perfect brand to do something about it.

Castle Lager came to the defence of our local flora in the most South African way possible - by getting beer drinkers to braai.

The objective was to get as many people as possible to braai with wood from invasive tree species, to create a greater demand for Kameeldoring, Black Wattle and Rooikrans - 3 of the most invasive alien plants in our country.

Craft Certificate Print and Collateral Crafts - Typography LOERIE Award Winner

Handcrafted typography, inspired by the wood itself, was created by an illustrator. Then, the designs were laser engraved onto hundreds of individual pieces of braai wood.

The result was an activation with a unique giveaway for every shopper who bought a case of Castle Lager. The message was simple. Just by using invasive wood, every braaing and beer-drinking South African could help save our indigenous forests.