The opening line is the
secret weapon of every novel

Beautifully written novels don’t stand much of a chance
against Twitter feeds, hyperlinks and status updates.
That’s why we created a digital campaign that could
grab anyone’s interest simply with a provocative
opening line from a great book.

The opening line of a great book can capture any reader’s attention in
moments, making it impossible not to turn the page. Most importantly,
the opening line is short. We used this particular aspect of novels to our
advantage as we communicated to a purely online audience.

LOERIE Bronze and EPICA Award Winner

In just a few seconds, or a few words, people were rediscovering their passion
for literature. And Exclusive Books received a record number of visits to their online store.

On YouTube, the first 5 seconds of a pre-roll ad gave us the
perfect platform to engage the viewer with a great opening
line before they could click skip. Clicking on the ad took the
viewer to the online store to purchase the featured book, so
they could continue where the opening line left off.