The launch of
a new Jack Daniel’s

A series of events that would give guests a taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. But these tastings did not happen in the aisles of a liquor store on a Saturday morning or late at night at a bar, but rather in venues that felt as authentic as the Jack brand itself.

Starting with a tattoo parlour in Parkhurst and a barbershop on First Thursdays in Cape Town, we created a launch campaign with the objective of offering experiences so unique and authentically Jack that influential guests would share across all social media platforms. The events came to life in very different ways. Each city, each venue and each person that came to the events added something special, leading to social events that could not have been planned, only facilitated by the brand with “the buzz”.

Guests were treated to unique entertainment in the form of live tattooing and a honey-inspired art exhibition in Johannesburg. In Cape Town it was all about barbers getting guests ready for the night ahead.

The Hive became more than a tasting activation, but rather a hub of activity and sociability that launched an exciting new Jack variant by using the Jack lifestyle that is so important to the brand.