The Gin Trading Post

Musgrave Gin is a brand with a story from the ships and shores of explorers in the late 1800s. We launched Musgrave in a way that spoke to its adventurous origins and re-ignited a sense of the old-world.

For the event idea to work, we needed guests to be invested in the event concept. Since cash couldn't be used, we decided to send guests an example of their new currency - a selection of interesting trinkets and objects old enough to have their own stories to tell.

An experiential event where the only way to get a drink was to trade for it.

With each trade, out guests were becoming part of the brand story.

At the centre of the event was a professional actor who played a dapper. Victorian snake-oil-style salesmen with whom guests traded their trinkets for Musgrave Gin tokens. His sharp wit and improvised banter brought the trader out of each guest as they fibbed and fobbed their curios away for a range of Musgrave Gin Cocktrails.