Why say hello
you can
sing hello?

The launch of a new chocolate is a big deal.

Especially when it
comes from the master chocolatiers, Lindt. But Lindt wanted
something that was distinctly un-Swiss to reflect
it’s un-serious new chocolate.

The new brand had a name that was all about
connecting and being your outgoing self.
So we created an activation platform around the name,
and asked a question that became the answer to the entire campaign:
Why say hello when you can sing hello?

This question was why a four-man barbershop quartet was assembled -
to be the voices of the campaign, signing well-known songs that have the word “hello” in it.

They would sing hello everywhere. Anywhere people could say hello, we
were going to convince them to sing it, instead.

In national retail outlets, at weekend markets, on the
Gautrain and the MyCiTi bus, at the
premiere of Pitch Perfect,
even on a plane.

And once we had them convinced, people could sing hello themselves
in one of our hand-built karaoke phone booths, which were set up in
locations nationwide. There, everyone had a chance
to sing for a free Lindt Hello chocolate and win a trip to
the musical capital of the world – New York.

The campaign created immense awareness of the
new brand, and chocolate lovers across South Africa got to know
the Swiss brand’s surprisingly fun side.