34 make 52 Holidays A Year a reality for Campworld shoppers!

There is a longstanding, false perception that exists around the subject of caravanning in South Africa. This perception is that caravan holidays are outdated, bland and for people that “cannot afford to holiday any other way”. This could not be further from the truth however and Campworld, South Africa’s foremost caravan and camping retailer, is setting out to show South Africans just how far from the truth this perception is.

Campworld tasked 34 with a straightforward brief to show consumers what modern day caravanning is all about, and in doing so, change these awkward perceptions. The work aims to remind consumers of just how great camping and caravanning is as an alternative holiday choice, and to make consumers fall in love with camping and caravanning all over again. What better way to achieve this than by showing consumers the endless possibilities that open up once you become a caravan owner and prove that, suddenly, every weekend can become a holiday? 

The new campaign from 34 taps into this adventurous spirit by showcasing the potential of having up to ’52 Holidays A Year’, and showcasing these endless travel possibilities. The work stops consumers in their tracks with a total redesigned look and feel for the brand, and category, via full-page spreads and brochures, and is supported by radio spots recorded personally by Jeremy Loops for Campworld that bring the campaign to life through a full-length new camping-themed song. 

Whether it be stargazing in the Karoo, or wine-tasting in the Cape, 34’s work sets out to show that with a caravan from Campworld it’s possible to ‘Get Up and Go’ – which has been established as the new pay-off line to the work. By showing the innovative new products, whilst celebrating the destinations, this work ensures that the outdated perceptions are changed forever. 

Finally, the campaign closes the loop by directing consumers to the Campworld website, where they are able to signal their interest in a number of products and their nearest dealer will then get back to them personally with all the information they need to make 52 Holidays A Year, a reality.

“The creative journey we embarked on with 34 has taken us to surprising and unexpected places,” stressed Campworld Marketing Manager, Liesl Van Olst. “We are enjoying every moment of it! How delightful to work with an agency that keeps driving their client to explore new marketing territories.”

“A brand new look, yes, but it had to be fun and different. Let’s face it, caravanning is a little quirky! With this in mind we were able to create work that told a story, challenge the norm and prove we can ‘Sell More Smartly’ whatever the category we are in. Radio was no exception. A truly engaging ‘ditty’ sung by South Africa’s hottest new artist Jeremy Loops. Who would have thought, a song about caravans?” added 34’s CD, Geraint Gronow. 

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