34° – So much more than just a number

As we battled through the depressed economy of 2017, it’s certain that this has not been an easy year. And the advertising sector brings with it more uncertainty as agencies and brands navigate their way through a dramatic redefinition of advertising to an increasingly enabled consumer.

The lines are further blurred as our clients seek to deliver the right message, in the right place and time, across the entire consumer journey resulting in a “profitable transaction”.

Integrated ideas are the expected norm as more and more clients strive to “beat the line” rather than silo their thinking into an above, below, and through-the-line mentality.

This year, in South Africa, 34° has continued to deliver bold and effective solutions for our clients, leading to a 27% revenue growth and winning business from brands like Savanna, Hunter’s Edge, Klipdrift, Plascon, Imperial Auto and Enel X.

In Kenya, 34° was awarded best campaign in the recent Marketing Society of Kenya Awards for our integrated work on Brookside – a testament to the quality of our strategic and creative capabilities and a good reason why our revenue has grown 32%. Not bad for an agency that’s only been operating there for 24 months.

We’ve launched one new business called 34i – a specialist division dedicated not only to the discovery, development and implementation of innovative creative technology solutions in the retail environment, but to how they are woven into the broader brand strategy. We’ve acquired one boutique digital agency, Brand In Motion, to bolster our skill base.

We’re constantly challenged to understand new categories and target markets, and the scarcity of data has been the key motivation for developing 34°’s research platforms: 34° Families and the 34° Councils. Using these “street-smart” tools, we are able to help our clients get up-close and personal with their target audiences and shed light on why they do what they do.

34° Families connects us – and our clients – to 10 diverse families where our insights are drawn from the nature of unique family dynamics. 34° Council of Women and Council of Gents are where we talk to over 32,000 people from our database on social media.

We invest 5% of our overheads back into our training and mentoring programmes. As the old business adage goes, “You don’t build a business. You build people and the people build the business.” We’ve been Specialist Agency of the year 4 times in the last 10 years. And we’re a level 4 BEE contributor.

“We’re now in our 10th year of trading and as with all successful agencies, we need to find our sense of purpose and over time, develop our soul. Over the last 10 years our soul has been borne out of a combination of factors and relationships we’ve developed as we went along; most crucially with our own employees and workspaces but inextricably linked to our clients, both old and new, partners, suppliers and investors too,” stated 34° CEO Andrew Sutcliffe.

We do like to blow our over-the-top vuvuzela any chance we get, and we feel that our all-round results in 2017 justify a toot.

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