34° crafting our very own

Beer used to be simple. Cold, fizzy and served in a glass filled all the way to the 500ml line. Beer used to be for everyone. Not anymore. Craft beer has made beer exclusive, and its made beer expensive. Chances are if you order a craft beer, you’ll be getting less than you expect for much, much more than you want to pay. And for us, that defeats the purpose and spirit of beer.

We’re the type of agency that doesn’t just like beer, we’d like to be able to afford to drink a little more than we should. 

Another thing we like about beer is that its for everyone. So the question was, “How do we make a craft beer for everyone?” The answer was simple. Brew our own. Then give it away, for free, at our 10th Christmas party. And not just to our own staff members, to everyone who has ever worked at our agency. 

Another thing we did to make our beer a beer for everyone was to name it after one of our employees with foreign heritage. That meant United Nations levels of inclusivity. We named our beer after one of our designers, Darko Franic, a second generation Croat, whose father works with his hands every day as a carpenter. This was going to be the craft beer for the people. 

And the genius thing about naming our brew Darko Franic is that a medical condition makes it detrimental for Darko to drink beer. This wasn’t just going to be a beer for beer drinkers everywhere, it would be for those who don’t drink beer too.

Our Christmas party was a success, thanks to a beer that doesn’t take its craft status too seriously. Visit our office and if you don’t take your beer too seriously, we’d be happy to share a free, for the people, Franic with you.

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