The South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group is committed to raising the awareness of
depression and anxiety. Our contribution to the tireless work done by SADAG, was to create
a new way for people everywhere to relate to one powerful and simple truth about
depression and anxiety – that those afflicted often feel desperately helpless.

We created a colouring book with a message, “no matter how much you
colour you can’t fill the pages with colour”. Initially created for International
Colour Day, the project found its way into the waiting rooms of clinics and
went on to be used an education tool at schools.

Remarkably, as the campaign
progressed our project was featured
SAFM on a show hosted by
Michelle Constant.

On a Saturday morning, during a live
radio show, with the country tuned,
in we were able to achieve our
objective – we were getting
South Africans to talk more openly
about depression and anxiety.

“Our patients identified with the metaphor, with some saying it was
the most helpful group session to date”.

Marlene and Sameerah
Crescent Clinic Occupational Therapy