A countrywide, content-generating, experiential campaign that reminded South Africans of the iconic Coca-Cola® refundable bottle and the special place it has on the Sunday lunch table.

When we were asked to develop a campaign to create a powerful link between Coca-Cola® and the meal occasion at home, we focused on the one meal every week that is more special than any other. Sunday lunch is a time for all generations to come together around a meal… the one meal special enough to spend a little extra cash on the iconic Coke® bottle.

We needed an exciting reason for South Africans to buy Coke®. And we found that reason on the country’s favourite soap opera TV shows.

Our idea was simple but effective: buy Coke® and the stars from your favourite soapies could knock on your door for Sunday lunch.

Over 8 weeks the Happy Sundays team travelled across the country spreading Sunday Lunch surprises to families who bought Coke® in the iconic refundable glass bottle.

40 pieces of branded content, featuring our winning families, were produced and broadcast every weeknight for 8 weeks. At the end of the campaign, brand love for Coca-Cola® had grown 4%.